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Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Франция)

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I am currently travelling in Ukraine with my own cart until 10/01/2017
I am a father of 3 beautiful French-Indonesian girls aged 20.5, 19 and 15 and I want to meet and fall in love again with a nice woman which preferably would like to have one or two children with me in order to build a united and strong family. My daughters are almost independent, they have their own car and during the school time, they stay most of the time with their mother who is living very close to university. We are very flexible. During weekend and holidays, they stay around 50% with me.
I'm managing with my brother a potatoes farm with washing and packaging process. We sell mainly to French hypermarkets and different customers in Western Europe.
I live in a large house, near the factory, 3.5 kms from the center of Saint Jean d'Illac, a small town located 10 kms from Bordeaux Mérignac airport. The location is great, close to the Airport and train station. It is half way between Bordeaux and Bassin d'Arcachon, which are famous tourist areas, 40 kms away from the Atlantic ocean with its fantastic beaches.
I like to go out for dining out in restaurants, for cinema, wine tasting, bicycling around Bassin d'Arcachon and famous vineyards around Bordeaux. I love going out to dinner in restaurants, for cinema, wine tasting, bicycling around Bassin d'Arcachon and the famous vineyards around Bordeaux.
I love skiing and snowboarding during the winter season, mainly in the ski resort of Gourette where we have a family apartment.
To sum up, I want to share all the pleasures of life again with a wonderful woman, because life is much more pleasant together with your soulmate
I like to go out and meet friends and I like a lot to travel for holidays or during weekend. I like to make photos, videos.
I travelled around the world during one year in 1993, and I would like to do it again later with my wife and children if she shares the same dream as me.
My ideal wife should be honest in her feelings, charming, attractive, loving, and caring for her husband and children.
A good sense of humor, willingness to share all his desires and feelings with me will allow for an accomplished couple relationship, in everyday life, in leisure and of course in privacy: we should be able to speak freely of our desires and intimate preferences.
Ideally, she should have a good level of education, have many different interests and would want to discover new culture, new way of life.
I like an active way of life but during winter time, I enjoy also to stay more time at home in a cozy atmosphere.
I am even ready to develop a new business together with my wife if she would like it.
I am clever, I understand quickly and I am able to change my way of life if it is necessary to develop our relation and aim together the same goals.

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