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Île-de-France (Франция)

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I look for a sincere and serious relationship and not an adventure on internet. I live in Cachan, it is a city near Paris (less 2 km) with many high schools and univerties.
I work in Paris like a sale manager and jurist in a software and legal publishing company.. About my character I am a gentleman who respects women, I am calm, kind, generous in love. I like humor because otherwise life would be too sad, but I also know how to be serious when it is necessary.
I am a cheerful person who loves to laugh. I have as my motto the Latin proverb CARPE DIEM which means to enjoy life. I do not like hypocrisy and lying. I never smoke and I drink very rarely.
I am looking for a serious woman who loves humor, faithful and cheerful.
I do not seek the ideal woman but the woman who will share my life with her defects and her qualities. A woman who treats her femininity and knows how to be seductive and intelligent.

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