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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Франция)

О чем я думаю
What to say, what to say .......

If like me, you breathe the joy of life and you bite it, you love (at least a bit ...) the sport, that you are respectful of certain values ​​and that you want to have projects for the future, so we can be made to get to know each other and see more if affinity ... :-)

I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and discussion because I think it's one of the basics of a couple.

I am someone quite optimistic, hardworking with a lot of ambition in life, humble and modest, rather discreet, dynamic and listening to others and always present to help.
Oh yes, for the flaws because no one is perfect ...., I'm a bit stubborn and can be shy too, but like many here I guess .... :-)

Happy dad of two girls of 6 and 10 years that I love more than anything and with whom I do a lot of things (sports, skiing, cinema ....)

My motto: never give up and always believe in those dreams .... !!! 😁

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