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Pays de la Loire (Франция)

О чем я думаю
My name is William, i am French,i'm 52 years old, i love sport, i am passionate about decoration, hence my job.
The sea is my haven of peace, and i love Paris maybe because i was born there.
I am of Belgian maternal origin and paternal Martiniquaise therefore mixed.
I wish met a sincere woman to build a seriousship in full confidence, a dinamic woman who loves life.

For me the most important thing is torespect her, to be attentive toher and from there will be createdi hope a beautifull story in all complicity.
I see this woman as simple because i think that simplicity gives birth to a lot of charm in a woman.

If possible i would like this woman to speak a little french because my english is not great.

See you soon to thewoman who will be found in my message.Clin d'oeil

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