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Hello talk about me hum. I am a man who loves life and who wants nothing to complicate. I am a man who would like to meet a woman to share my knowledge. And the love that is in me. To find out more, write to me We look forward to discussing with you dear lady.
I am a man with lots of energy and I make the most of every day that life gives me. With me, nobody is bored. I am not looking for the ideal woman, gods, she does not exist. But I is that I can offer all the love and the sweetness that I have in me to a woman who would appreciate it. And full of joy and happiness in me. To share.

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кино, друзья, путешествия

серьезный, спокойный, ответственный, добрый, коммуникабельный, чувствительный, оптимист, общительный, романтик, искренний

поп-рок, диско, кантри, джаз, хип-хоп


французская, итальянская, японская

бег, волейбол, другое

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