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IDF (Франция)

О чем я думаю
I am a lover of the arts, of all that is beautiful because I am an architect-planner.
Of character I am open, tolerant, curious and imaginative.
I am very sensitive, emotional (artistic) and dynamic.
I am thin, rather athletic, cycling, swimming pool, skiing ...
I’m terrible at cooking, but it’s good because I don’t want to get fat ...
I love the sea, the cinema, the travels, the books,
Convertible walks on pretty country roads ...
I don’t know why, but I’m very attracted to northern women.
I love big cities where everything happens, so I took a solo trip
to get to know Russia through Moscow and St Petersburg.

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кино, театр, концерты, парк, друзья, кафе, путешествия

серьезный, спокойный, ответственный, добрый, чувствительный, романтик, искренний

диско, классическая музыка, джаз

романы, журналы, газеты

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