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I am Frenchman with a long experience living and working abroad (USA, Africa and Asia). I am bi-lingual English-French. Unfortunately, I do not speak Russian but cannot rule out learning some..
I divorced 3 years ago and have "shared custody" (one week out of two) of my two children (son 12 and daughter 14). I love them dearly and enjoy to spend time at home and having fun with my children. I love children and can be described as a family man. I hope that my "soulmate" will be the same.
I am a passionate, elegant, caring and sensitive man who would like to meet a caring, attentionate, truthful, charming, warm-hearted and loving woman who can be my "better half". One whom I may love, protect, cherish and whom I will seek to make the happiest woman.
My hope is to start again my life as a "man" and to feel again the passion of love with a woman with whom we will build a happy, loving home; a "sanctuary" where all can flourish, find hapiness and enjoy every little moment of life.
I live in France but work in an international company based in Geneva, my job calls for many travel and senior management responsibilities. As such, I have traveled to East Europe, notably in Russia and Ukraine - countries that I find fascinating and that have the most interesting cluture, history and of course ... the most attractive women!! I believe that slavonic and French culture have much in common regarding fundamental "family values". I know that my "other part" is somewhere and that our paths will meet.
I am ready for you my "soul mate" and for the first day of the rest of "our" lives; to find hapiness and care for each other.

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