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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Франция)

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Hello, My name is Francis Desserre i am living in Orange a town in Provence the South of France.
I am tired to live alone, i am tired with short romances. I would like to meet a lady family oriented, I have a dearest dream : "To awake by side of my beloved queen, in the soft morning light, to see her smile and love sparckles in her eyes.
I am a simple man with a simple dream.
Here ladies are not family oriented, they are so glad to live alone and just have a good dancer and good lover 2 or 3 nights a week.
Be sure i do not need a house maid, because we could share together home duties, because i can clean a house wash and iron clothes, cook, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and French tasty dishes.
I have a very respectfull attitude for ladies, and you are not dreamming, i am really ready to treat you with the same respect as for a queen, ant to be your servant knight. Would you like to become my beloved queen?? 👸
I have a healthy life, no smoke or drink, i do sport, as of road bicycle, hicking in forest or mountain, deep dive under the sea.
I have an addict i love to dance social dances, as : Tango, polka, cumbia, polka, waltz, boston, foxtrot, salsa, pasodoble... I am not as good as Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, But i am not so bad on the dance floor.
I do not want to show me as a "mister perfect" Only stupid person think they are perfect. I am a man who have life experience, and i do know if i want to be happy, the best way to reach this goal is to make beloved queen happy first. And i am really ready to do all my best to make our future life a real romance and a very loving and successful couple.

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