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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Франция)

О чем я думаю

my name is Raymond and I live in France. I’m architect and working for my own.
I was married with a Russian woman and now divorced. Hard story whom I won't develop

NB: to all women who doubt on my age, YES I LOOK YOUNGER AND MY PICTURES ARE NOT OLD ONES 😆

I like friends and laughing, enjoying life. I'm also very interested in learning Russian and travels.

I'm serious when it's about job, everything that’s important in life but I also can be a very teasing man, sarcastic. SO PLEASE IF IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THIS, DON’T CONTACT ME.

1/ I'm looking for a serious, kind woman WITH A BIG SENSE OF HUMOR who wants kids and who will help his man to make a happy family life. I hope I'll have more chance than with my first marriage.
I have no children but I’m waiting so long to create my own family with the woman that will truly love me and accept me as I am.

2/ I many times take the metaphor of biking on a tandem: there's two partners following the same route. Sometimes it's easy but sometimes it's hard. One can be discouraged and tired but the other one is here to follow the route and the speed cruise. And vice versa.

CAUTION: I just ask ladies who are just here for flirt NOT to contact me: my time is precious and I’m not looking for flirt , fake profiles or sexcam.
I also had a bad experience with women who are actually in a relationship but with a RH account.

Sentiments are not a game and cheaters can hurt...
So I will denounce fake profiles immediately.
Thanks for your comprehension.

Seems there’s people here who can’t understand that there’s differences of mood and culture between West and East.
WE ALL NEED TO BE TOLERANT to meet new people.
I married a Russian woman. And I know very well the two cultures for years. I’m also the son of a mixed marriage. So i know what I mean here.

So please ladies who don’t know about Latin culture: try to understand first that if you want to date a foreigner, you will have to be open minded.
That’s the secret of a good relation :))

NOW, respecting me and my personality, i will respect you... so if you want to know me better it's up to you, ladies, to contact me!

Немного обо мне...

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