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Pays de la Loire (Франция)

О чем я думаю
Hi, im just an happy man with sense of loyalty and kind, looking for a serious relation to build a real harmony
good cooker and handyman with physics ;-) i like sports, flying and riding motorbike, no TV at home,
sometimes reading by waiting you.. and sometimes i like intense feeling, like renting a small sailingboat
and riding waves near coast during big wind but i don't want to afraid you so fast, i can reduce this, lets speak first ;-)

Music lover, and russian's authors enthusiast. i read russian a little and speak bases
i came many times to see friends in St Peter, Moskva, Krasnodar and love манты receipt a lot ^,^

Always ready to go for a hike or to explore a city, to get lost, to improvise.
lets communicate together, sometimes we have to help good surprise to bloom,
if we have to meet us here.. i'm ready.

Have a good day


Немного обо мне...

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концерты, друзья, путешествия

спокойный, ответственный, общительный, романтик, искренний

поп-рок, классическая музыка, джаз

стихи, романы

французская, итальянская, русская, японская

плавание, бег, другое

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