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QC (Канада)

О чем я думаю
I am a quit and calm man tuned to my inner voice, well aware of my rational side and I evolve in my spirituality. I am 59 years old, is that too old for you? I chose to eat healthy foods and keep in good shape. I like to eat, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. I am a happy blend of intellectual – cultural – manual work – spiritual and creative. I have never been married and to my knowledge I do not have children  I have been waiting for the wright woman for me. I am self-taught! I like to build things such as air planes, restore my convertible (I restored my red car (Alfa Romeo Spider 1976) and it took me at least 5 years.) and build my house (I knew nothing about building when I started to build my house. I made the plans, asked many questions, bought building materials and proceeded to build. Yes of course I did have some help.) I am patient, determined, loyal and dedicated. I have a bachelor’s degree in administrative management and law. I also have a master’s degree in economic development. I like; to go for rides in my antique convertible, to go sailing, to tinker, walk along the river, look at sunsets and look at the stars. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like to go to the theater and ballet. I did the following sports: Black belt in Karate, deep sea diving, Judo, Sailing, Flying airplanes, social dancing when I was younger and now Tango, Soccer, football, hockey, skiing, walking, mountain climbing, kayaking, travel, discover new places and cultures, the fresh air, being close to water, beach, sun, nature’s perfume, birds singing, children’s laughter. I am searching of a woman that is intelligent, radiant, liberated, fulfilled, cultivated, comfortable with herself and her heart is free, ready and willing to love. She enjoys life and does not take herself too seriously. She is thin, charming, elegant, active, in good physical condition. She wants to invest in a long-term relationship, to share and be open with her loved one. She seeks a loving relationship where respect, frank and open communication and commitment to the relationship are a priority. And most importantly she wants to have lots of fun. Keep on smiling!

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кино, театр, концерты, парк, друзья, путешествия

серьезный, спокойный, ответственный, добрый, коммуникабельный, чувствительный, оптимист, общительный, романтик, искренний

поп-рок, классическая музыка, джаз

французская, итальянская, русская, мексиканская, японская, китайская


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